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When the book is different but better.

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“People belong wherever they feel good. It can be a lot of different places. For a lot of different reasons.” 
Robyn Carr, Virgin River



Virgin River by Robyn Carr is the first book of the series with the same name. I discovered the TV show when surfing Netflix for something new to watch while I was on school holidays—I’m a teacher who escapes into stories in between school terms. I was also looking for some great escapism so I could procrastinate spectacularly. I binged the first two series and cried when I had to wait for the next season. After I mopped my tears, I did want I always do when I connect wholeheartedly to a show, I Googled it. I discovered the TV series was inspired by the book and promptly ordered Virgin River, including the second and third book in the series. 


Season three has dropped, and although I love watching it. I loved reading the book so much more. Carr transports you to the northern Californian wilderness. She uses beautiful imagery to place you amid a tight-nit and gossipy township filled with quirky and warm characters. Virgin River transports you to a town filled with a strong spirit of community. The story delivered. The strong community connection filled the pages—I was immediately immersed in their lives. 


Virgin River is about Mel Monroe, an ER nurse from Los Angeles who has run away from a heart-wrenching experience. Mel has been pummelled emotionally from all angles. From the beginning, her first few days in Virgin River does not start smoothly. The home she is promised is in shambles, and the doctor she is meant to assist with refuses to work with her. Then she meets Jack Sheldon, an ex-marine who runs the bar in town. Jack is every gal’s fantasy. Strong, handsome and looks good in a pair of jeans. But Jack has his own demons to face.


Virgin River is a romance, and we know there will be a happily ever after, but it’s the journey the two characters make, not just to find themselves, but to find love, that makes this book a joy to read. For me, the story extended to all the characters, their experiences, and the town. Carr creates a beautiful setting and fills it with emotion and heart. The characters are all unique with their distinct voices. 


I am looking forward to reading Book two, Shelter Mountain, to revisit Virgin River again. 

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Happy reading 🌼


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