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A beautiful heart felt story of love 



“Every soul—both animal and human—deserves a worthy life.” 
Jennifer Probst

Mia Wallace has it all. A thriving public relations business in New York. She wears designer clothes and goes to all the right places. Her biggest client is running for office. He has asked Mia to spend the entire summer in the Hudson Valley keeping an eye on his daughter, Chloe. For Mia, this is not a holiday—it’s all business. When she arrives, she meets Ethan Bishop and straightaway; they rub each other the wrong way. Ethan thinks Mia’s a stuck up and pretentious city girl. Mia’s opinion of Ethan is no better. He’s rude, arrogant, and infuriating. They both clash spectacularly. But Ethan’s broodiness and Mia’s brashness is no match for love. As the summer months go by, Mia and Ethan start to trust each other and develop a love that blossoms with passion and desire.


The characters in The Start of Something Good are authentic and engaging. Mia is feisty and strong. Her desire to stay slim and fit into a Dior dress, her dedication to her business and her assertive personality paints a strong picture of the kind of woman Mia is. This romance is an ‘enemy to friends’ love story, and Probst has pitched the perfect love interest with Ethan Bishop. Once a Special Forces paratrooper, he has returned to his family home with physical and emotional wounds. When you read this story, you are drawn into the world of the B&B and farm and will build a connection with Ethan’s sisters Ophelia and Harper. It’s as if you are staying at Robin’s Nest B&B.


My favourite character is Hei Hei. A black polish chicken who becomes infatuated with Mia. Mia does not return Hei Hei’s affection. Jennifer Probst has added a sweet subplot that follows this relationship. It will bring tears to your eyes. If you love stories that feature animals, then The Start of Something Good will not disappoint. Probst incorporates beautiful and poignant metaphors using animals to symbolise the emotional growth of Mia and Ethan.


When it’s a great book, I can’t wait to settle down with a mug of peppermint tea and disappear into the world and relationships in the story. The Start of Something Good achieved this and more. Probst’s writing is heartfelt, full of beautiful imagery and uses the senses to transport you into the world. I discovered Jennifer Probst when I read her writing craft book Write True. I am now a fan and have already got book number two in the Stay series, A Brand New Ending.

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