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Cross My Heart


"If only she would be comforted with a hug, if only she would let Tess in. Pateince. Perserverance. Time."

Pamela Cook

This is a poignant and beautiful story about the pain of guilt and broken promises. Of how fragmented friendships can be redeemed.

Tessa De Santis’s ordered, child-free marriage is turned upside down when her childhood friend Skye Whittaker dies, leaving Grace, her ten-year-old daughter, an orphan. After meeting Grace, Tessa wrestles with her earlier promise to take care of Grace if Skye dies. To help Grace heal and find her vanished voice, caused by the trauma of her mother’s death, Tessa makes a life-changing decision. She ignores her husband’s and mother’s advice and leaves her comfortable life in inner Sydney, abandoning her marriage and a successful career, to bring Grace home. The isolated property unleashes ghosts and sins of the past, forcing Tessa to face her demons. The serenity of rural Australian with its idyllic landscape helps both Tessa and Grace to heal and offers them an opportunity for their relationship to blossom.

The characters in the books were authentic and realistic. The emotions and actions surrounding the events in the character’s lives were both heart-wrenching and heart-warming. Cook navigated a child’s trauma of losing her a mother, and the difficulties of Tessa fostering a child she hardly knew, in a sensitive and tender manner. Elements of the past were revealed with care, establishing these moments in a respectful and thoughtful way. In doing so, Cook crafted an emotionally charged story. One where you will reach for the tissues.

Using equine therapy gave the story a unique and creative perspective. Stories that include animals as prominent elements are my personal favourite. The setting is breathtaking, and Cooke’s beautiful and crafted descriptions bring the landscape of Western New South Wales, Australia, alive. All your senses are ignited and the immersion in the story is complete. 

If you want to disappear into a story, that will have you reading into the wee hours of the night, leave you feeling emotionally satisfied and have you ringing your friend to tell them how much you love them, then Cross My Heart by Pamela Cook is your next best read. 

I absolutely loved this story.

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Happy reading 🌸


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