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As Deep as the Ocean


"Opportunities are like balloons, and we have to grab them while we can or

sometimes they just float away."

Serenity Woods

As Deep as the Ocean is a delightful romance set in the Bay of Islands in the far north of New Zealand. See? Already the setting conjures up romantic moments. For me, in terms of romance and moments that sizzled, As Deep as the Ocean delivered. Wave after wave of endearing moments.

Three sisters who live in the UK discovered that the father they never knew left them a winery with a bed and breakfast and restaurant. The news is bittersweet when Mac contacts the girls and tells them that his father, James MacDonald, stole their inheritance. The story opens with Fred (short for Winnifred), Ginger and Sandi Cartwright arriving to meet a nervous Mac who wants to make amends for his father’s actions. 

The three sisters discover the property in ruins and losing money. Together they set up to rebuild the winery into an award-winning estate. It’s not just the estate that receives the attention it needs. Fred and Mac find that love has nourishing powers in helping them heal their past experiences and demons.

An inheritance could help them find the finances to bring the winery to its former glory. But there is a catch. 

I loved the characters in this romance. They were well developed and authentic, and I experienced every emotion. The romance simmered underneath and built a delicious tension that kept me glued to the page. All the characters were brought alive with their distinct voice and personality. Mac was an endearing hero. The perfect man for this story. The setting was immersive. Woods’ descriptions were detailed, and she employed all the senses to transport you to the Bay of Islands. 

My husband and I planned a trip to New Zealand in 2020, but unfortunately, our plans changed because of the pandemic that shall not be named. This story was the next best thing for me.

If you want to fall in love all over again, experience unique characters in a beautiful setting, then As Deep as the Ocean is a story that will do this. It did for me. When I can’t wait to finish the day to snuggle up with a romance, the story is a five-star experience for me.


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If you want to know more about Serenity Woods and her other books please click here.


Happy reading 🌼


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