My Story
The start of my writing journey ...

I started writing stories in primary school. Creating little books with prose on one side and coloured, hand-drawn illustrations on the other. My mother tells me that before I could read, I would look at the illustrations in picture books and make up my own story. Throughout primary school and into high school I continued to write stories, using my imagination to create a fictional world of parties, boyfriends, fancy jobs and travel. All the things I wasn’t allowed to, or not old enough to do. I lived vicariously through my stories. I loved writing in my diary and have journalled on-off throughout my life. When blogging became popular, I started to blog. Then I got married, trained to be a teacher and became a mother and, although I continued to write in my journal and blog, my creative writing took a back seat. 


This all changed when we moved from Sydney to Brisbane at the end of 2016.

On the journey ...

I made two decisions when 2017 swung round: to live a balanced life and to reignite my love of writing stories. 


In 2019, I enrolled in a Master of Letters in Creative Writing at Central Queensland University. As part of my dissertation in 2021, I will be writing a magical realism novel about loss, second chances and self-discovery.


I am currently writing the first draft of a novel (my second one). The story is about 24-year-old Olivia who lives above a bookshop in an inner suburb in Sydney. A wooden chest belonging to her late mother arrives unexpectantly. It contains items that ignite her curiosity and may reveal who her father is. What she uncovers are deep secrets her mother kept hidden from her. Life gets more complicated when she meets Sebastian, the new Year 5 teacher at the local primary school. Olivia discovers that some secrets are not always easy to reveal.

Picture Books have held a special place in my heart. They have played an important part in both my personal and profession life. I enjoyed picture books as a young child and reading them to my daughter when she was little. Before I became a teacher, I was a library assistant and ran the library's storytime and craft sessions. I was privileged to read a vast array of picture books as part of my job. As a secondary English teacher,  I often use picture books in the classroom —even in my senior classes. I have started writing picture books and have a few drafts that I'm currently working on to share with readers— both young and young-at-heart.

Still quite early in the planning stage, is a middle-grade children’s book that I'm working on. It's about a spirited and quirky young girl. Marchella has a heart of gold and a voracious curiosity that always gets her into unusual and tricky situations.

My destination ...

The goal is to be published. 

To hold my books in my hand. 

To share my stories. 

To continue to grow as a writer and to develop my craft. 

To write with passion.

A snapshot of my life ...

I live in Brisbane with my husband and daughter. My writing companions are my dog Mischa and my cats Daisy and Miss Lilly. I am an English teacher by day and a writer in the spaces of time in between. I love blue skies, butterflies and the smell of lavender. My favourite moment is to curl up with a book, sipping peppermint tea with honey. I prefer to ride my bike when running errands and I love authentic Italian gelato and I try hard not to eat too much chocolate. 

%22We write to taste life twice, in the
Write what should not be forgotten
Write what should not be forgotten
%22We write to taste life twice, in the